Restaurants, Coffe Shops, Bars and Hotels

First, if you invest in digital signage menus and boards, you save a lot by eliminating the need to print out new menus every time a minor change occurs. With this freedom you’re more likely to indulge in any ideas or plans you may have and also save a lot of time. Check out a วิธี เล่น สล็อต ให้ ได้ เงิน.

Second, digitally you can share more information without the viewer’s eyes being assaulted, which is often the case with an elaborate menu board. More information shared means more purchases.

Third, digital is the mark of the future which enhances the customer experience, increasing the chance the customer will return a second time.

Videos, animations or even a fixed image attract more attention than plain text. People are naturally judgmental which makes visual appeal very important, especially in the food industry. Digital signage is an easy card to play in this case.

  1. Make your menus visually appealing

  2. Update prices faster and easier

  3. Update content for different locations simultaneously

  4. Schedule the menu based on the time of the day

  5. Display nutritional information

Banking, Insurance and Financial Sectors

Digital Signage is essential to catch the attention of customers within the bank premise. It is also used to provide the necessary information instantly.

Better In-branch Customer Experience

With a majority of retail banking tasks being shifted to online space, brick-and-mortar experience has to be different from what it used to be a decade ago. In the age of consumerism, everyone is glued to some form of screen. Digital signage provides an opportunity for banks to create a familiar experience for their screen-obsessed customers.

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Branding and Promotions

Dynamic visual content can help banks in generating customer interest and raise awareness about their products and services. It also provides cross-sell and upsells opportunities to banks. Digital signage can substantially enhance communications by integrating with banks’ CRMs and marketing automation tools. With content in the form of videos and banners, relevant information can be easily and effectively passed on to customers.

Easy Updates

A major challenge for banks is to update their posters and banners to reflect the latest rates constantly. Printing and distribution of banners/posters involve huge costs. These costs can be easily minimized with Digital Signage as one can easily tweak the content across the board via a central CMS. Further, administrators can choose to customize content for specific branch requirements (regional language/ festival, etc.)

Internal Communications

Digital Signage can offer various similar benefits to banks in meeting their communication needs at non-retail branches. Banks can utilize digital signage for internal communications, reporting, policy updates, and training purposes.


The entertainment industry faces a tough audience who demands, more than ever,  more dynamic, colorful and instant content to keep them interested .

Digital signage provides a perfect communication platform to convey powerful and entertaining messages through digital displays, not only broadcasts instant and attractive messages, but also creates ambiance of excitement, which is vital to provide an excellent customer experience

Displays in the cinemas can be used to promote a range of information as well as engaging the customer

  • digital menu boards- your latest food and beverage offers

  • Ticket prices- special discount days and 2 for 1 promotions

  • Special offers- discounts, deals, combos (popcorn & drinks)

  • Trailers of upcoming and current movies

  • Seating information- show available seats

  • Social media updates- promote customer engagement

  • News about the cinema-upgraded to 4K screens or IMAX

  • Special events-special guests, late nights, film festivals

  • Adverts of local businesses- promote near by businesses

  • Greener advertising solution- replace the paper based ads


Communications from an agency or government institution often have increased significance emergency updates and public safety to provide essential services and information to a community. Introducing a digital network, to government agencies, township offices. The Government Digital Signage will serve in many ways to a governing body.

 Benefits of Government digital signage

  • Sharing information on disasters and emergencies, crime alerts and new regulations

  • Improve communication between offices and interdepartmental

  • Usage of queue management to reduce wait times.

  • Visit in the right place with guidance features

  • Incorporating screens and kiosks improve services for visually impaired visitors or speak a different language

  • Generate revenue through advertising revenue while saving money on print and print costs


More and more schools and educational institutions are starting to discover the benefits of digital signage. Digital signage for schools is a quick and cost-effective way to make information available to both the school staff and student body. With digital signs, school administrators can display general announcements, event schedules, and even seasonal greetings with just a few clicks. Learn more below on the benefits of digital signage in schools.

Serve important messages

Give students all of the information they need between classes, or during down time.

Communicate With Parents

Position screens that sell your school and attract prospective students.

Enrich Your Campus

Create beautiful digital signage that tells a story throughout your school.

Save Money

No more printed leaflets, just real time communications updated with a click.


Why corporate digital signage can improve internal communications?

Communication overload. The race to Inbox Zero. Digital clutter. Whatever you want to call it, it’s difficult these days to cut through all the digital noise employees face during their workday. But, for many companies, corporate digital signage is able to achieve just that. Not only do employees find it refreshing to look at a different screen for information, moreover, digital signage is that one communication channel that doesn’t need to share its screen space with competing content.

Here are 5 more ways your organization can benefit from corporate digital signage:

1. Catch and retain information better

Many people are primarily or at least partially visual learners. This means that visually communicated information is most likely to stick. By placing digital signage in high trafficked areas within your office, your messages will be noticed better and leave a lasting impression. Most importantly, digital screens reach people where traditional communication channels like email don’t.  For example, waiting for elevators, filling orders on assembly lines,  or just staring at the wall in reception areas.

2. No more disconnected workers

It’s easier to communicate with the employees that are present in the office via emails, intranet or skype for business. But if you’re into manufacturing or warehousing business, mails and other 1:1 channels may not work well. But, by using wall-mounted digital displays, you can make announcements, show production figures and reinforce safety messages with non-desk workers as well.

3. Increase traffic to the intranet

Increasingly, organizations are seeking ways to integrate the wall screens with other digital communication tools such as the intranet. And it comes as no surprise. By sharing intranet headlines on digital signage screens, you spark your employees’ interest to read more on the intranet. For example, encourage your HR-manager to use the vacation planner or your medical staff to read about the latest compliance rules and -regulations.

4. Boost employee engagement

Digital signage can be used to display performance dashboards as well as highlight major achievements of your staff. Use your screens to let them know their work is being noticed. Mark work anniversaries, spotlight an employee or a new hire. Anything you can do to motivate and recognize your teams, will result in higher morale and better bottom-line results

5. Budget-friendly communication tool

The current transition from paper to screens applies to internal communications as well. Many businesses find handwriting or printing information on paper to be wasteful, superfluous and time-consuming, not to mention ineffective. Digital signage offers a modern, clean and budget-friendly alternative to the traditional cork bulletin boards and printed posters. Best of all? Content can be created and adjusted on the fly, so you are able to provide your staff with news “hot of the press”.


Today’s manufacturers are facing an exodus of skilled workers, increased global competition and consolidation, greater regulation and the need to adapt to ever-changing technology and work models. Managing a workforce while juggling these challenges is daunting. In any environment where change is constant, communication is critical to keeping everyone informed and engaged. Yet companies struggle with finding the right mix of communication tools to reach their workers.

Improve Productivity.

Keeping workers safe, healthy, and informed translates into greater productivity. Use your electronic message boards to:

  • Improve safety awareness with content that reinforces PPE, safe lifting, fall protection, machine guarding, off-the-job safety, and more.

  • Promote health & wellness by posting helpful tips on fitness, smart food choices, stress reduction, etc.

  • Post KPIs with colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs that update automatically keeping workers informed on your progress.

Keep Up With New Regulations.

A digital signage platform makes it easy to educate and promote the concept.

Outline the basics of the new regulation in an animated PowerPoint that includes Q&A.

Post short video clips demonstrating new procedures.

Post pictures of employees “caught in the act” of demonstrating new procedures.

Communicate Change.

Whether companies are merging, consolidating, acquiring or introducing new technology, workplace digital signage can help communicate the plan and its benefits.

  • Deliver the news via CEO town hall explaining the changes and how they tie to company goals.

  • Stream live video across your digital signage network for all employees to see.

  • Make introductions. If you’re acquiring companies or adding partners or locations, use your digital signage to introduce new people, places and products, creating a sense of inclusion and pride.

Attract and Retain Workers.

As older workers retire, companies are having to adopt new approaches to attract and keep top talent. Younger workers value culture, transparency, and recognition. Digital bulletin boards are an effective way to:

  • Celebrate company culture by showcasing what makes you unique. Whether it’s community projects, health & fitness or company events, post pictures and videos of your employees in action.

  • Recognize employees or teams for high performance, special projects or new certifications.

  • Acknowledge winners of and in-house initiatives for safety, health & wellness, customer service, etc.

  • Get their feedback. Announce and promote employee surveys on your screens and then post the results.

Reinforce Training.

Classroom training is rapidly being replaced by virtual, on-demand “micro-learning” alternatives. Take advantage of workplace digital signage to reinforce key concepts.

  • Highlight quick tips and quizzes on screens throughout the facility.

  • Post short video clips reviewing procedures.

  • Recognize employees for achieving certifications or distinctions.

Increase Efficiency

Use digital signage for manufacturing facilities to share daily information that is vital to your production lines. From any computer, at any time you can make instant changes to your manufacturing floors digital signs. Easily and quickly add new PowerPoint slides, custom scrolling text notifications, HD videos, daily task messages and more.

  • Update one screen at a time or all screens within one click

  • All information caches locally onto the media player/display

  • Pre-schedule updates,, set expiration dates and recurring schedules

  • Remotely monitor the Screens status and health

A Better Way To Communicate

Digital signage for manufacturing facilities can be used across many areas of your manufacturing facility. Your lobby, factory floor, break rooms and outside of conference rooms are all areas in which factory digital signage can be used.

Because digital signage for manufacturing facilities can be changed on the fly this form of visual communications bridges the gap for internal communications. With digital signage for manufacturing facilities you will be able to:

  • Display emergency alerts, weather updates and news

  • Share required meetings times and scheduled event listings

  • List important corporate updates and communications

  • Recognize standout employees, birthdays and work anniversaries



Digital signage operates in public transportation such as taxi, bus, train, coach, subway and cruising through public display systems . By extension, digital signage includes waiting and boarding areas, railway stations and airports.   Displays are used to inform and entertain passengers, minimizing the perceived transportation time and enhancing travel experience. The content displayed can be informative for instance FIDS including trip information such as current location, next train or infotainment related such as location-based information and advertising.

Benefits in using digital signage for the transportation industry:
•    Guide travellers and commuters more efficiently throughout terminals
•    Inform in real time for arrivals and departures and special events
•    On board entertainment and trip progress information
•    Trigger content or advertising based on GPS location
•    Generate advertising revenues

Digital signs, whether interactive or not, are integrated in transportation areas and vehicles. It is more convenience for commuters and travelers and can save streamline their experience.

Waiting areas at concourses are full every day; large format displays can rotate announcements and advertising, as well as entertain travelers with news headlines, weather, sport updates or any other sort of data.

Health Care

Using Satmaya Digital Signage Software for healthcare, you can create and edit content that contains health related information, seasonal medical alerts, insurance bulletins, vaccine news and more! Your front desk, HR, marketing department or any other staff can quickly make changes to content than broadcast the updates to the displays.

Healthcare digital signage is a powerful new tool that when used increases patient satisfaction, advances the way you communicate with your staff all while reducing the need to print and post new signage. Digital signage for healthcare makes it easier for you to share new and time-sensitive information. Because better communication is vital to your operations the medical facilities around the world are turning to digital signage for hospitals to:

Improve experiences: spotlight services, promote events, and spotlight community outreach

Reduce perceived wait times: display fun videos, health notifications, scrolling news and more Enhance staff communications: HR news, share training videos, employee of the month, etc.

Educate and involve: display seasonal wellness tips and common cold best practices